Lady OxannamoonLady Oxannamoon  was born a second generation Shamanic Witch and raised in the rich culture of Appalachian Folk Magic that permeated life in the Shenandoah/Potomac River Valley of Western Maryland.  Spirit taught from the cradle and led by the hand of her conjurer-mother, Lady Oxannamoon, also known as Rev. Angela Woodcock, has dedicated her life to the study of spiritual, religious and esoteric philosophies, psychology, anthropology, music, dance, poetry, personal gnosis and the magickal arts, seeking always, the impetus behind the wonder!  Grateful for every teacher and sanctuary along the ever-crooked path, Lady Oxannamoon is inspired to, and exceptionally practiced in awakening each of us to the magick that is ours alone, and singularly gifted at casting a web of enchantment that transports the ceremonial participant into a world of whimsy and delight not often visited since childhood!  Rev. Angela has been teaching Goddess Spirituality and Magickal philosophy and practice throughout the United States for more than a decade.  She has established a strong local presence offering monthly public full moon circles at Topanga State Beach, and as a regular presenter at the Los Angeles Pagan Pride Day celebration, Pantheacon, The Source Temple in Venice, North Hollywood’s “The Green Man Store”, and at Los Angeles’ historical, landmark ceremonial center, “The Onion” Unitarian Church.  Lady Angela is an ordained minister, a spiritual counselor and healer, a Certified Hypnotherapist, a published author, a Faery Seer in apprenticeship with Orion Foxwood, the founder and High Priestess of The Inner Temple, a featured performer and choreographer in The Inner Temple Tribe, and the chief architect of three long-running, local festivals celebrating the Wheel of the Year known as, Into the Green, Into the Gold, and Into the Blood.