~ Schedule of Events ~



Friday, October 25th

2:00pm - Gates open for vendors, presenters, and those with permission for early arrival

4:00pm - Gates open to the public

5:00pm - Building the Ancestral Altar: Creating Sugar Skulls and Jack-o-lanterns *

7:00pm - Opening Ceremony and the Lighting of the Ancestral Fire

Rev. Patrick McCollum, Orion Foxwood, Lady Oxannamoon~

8:00pm - Potluck Supper with the music of The Collins Family and The Black Hat Society

9:30pm - Opening Panel: The Veil Thins

  Rev. Patrick McCollum, Orion Foxwood, Dr. Joseph Futerman, Tony Mierzwicki

11:30pm - Dancing with the Dead with Devon Rachelle Kouadio and Lady Oxannamoon~

Saturday, October 26th

10:30am - The Divine Feminine and the Art of Creation;

The Art and Visual Philo-Sophia of Leigh J. McCloskey

12:00pm - Medicine Woman Jeanne “The Feather Lady” DeLaney presents:

    Medicine Art for the Ancestors in the art studio:  

    Meeting an Unknown Ancestor; Who is Waiting to Help You?

2:00pm - Luncheon

3:00pm - Panel 2:  Working with the Dead: Communion with Those that Have Gone Before

  Rev. Patrick McCollum, Orion Foxwood, Tony Mierzwicki, Lady Oxannamoon~

5:00pm - Afternoon Tea

5:30pm - Rites of Remembrance: The Book of the Dead and the Building and Binding of

  Olde Jack with Orion, Patrick, and Lady Oxannamoon~

7:00pm - Break to dress and prepare for ritual

8:00pm - Jack-o-lantern* Procession and All Hallows Rite for the Ancestors

  Rev. Patrick McCollum, Orion Foxwood and our Lady Oxannamoon~

9:30pm - Samhain Ball and Potluck Feast with the sweet sounds of Christopher Caplan

11:00pm -  The Eternal Flame: Bardic Circle featuring The Inner Temple Tribe


Sunday, October 27th

10:30am - Taking the Magick with you: Word Magic with Laurel Airica

12:00pm - Closing Ceremony

    Rev. Patrick McCollum, Orion Foxwood, and Lady Oxannamoon~

1:00pm - The Inner Temple raffle and final thoughts

2:00pm - public departure

* All attendees are invited to bring photos and mementos for our Ancestral altar and offerings for our Nature Spirits altar; all participants must bring their own pumpkin!  The Inner Temple will be providing sugar skulls, decorations, carving equipment and tea lights;

*Schedule is subject to change.