Into the Green 2011 in Wheeler Springs, CA

Mind Master Joe invites us down the rabbit hole. 

Tony Teaches

Greek Philosopher Tony summons Aphrodite. 

Rev. Hyperion guides us down the Unnamed Path. (And summons the labradors of hell!)


Hyperion's secret Welsh fire powder! (Also, why we like having ritual outside.)

Jack the Druid, the man behind the cairns.


Folk dress for the Great Hunt as Orion prepares the sacred fire.


Beautiful dancers summon the elements for the Goddess and her Horned God. 


Orion's collection of Beltane lore is unsurpassed! A four day ritual of holy fires, cleansing tears, and ecstatic dance! 


Into the Green 2010 in Wheeler Springs, CA


Orion teaching Beltane lore and giving Faery Key readings creekside.

The Faery Keys on the Tree of Enchantment. 


Patrick McCollum teaching and sharing artifacts from his travels.


Bloody Mary shares her wisdom with the folk. 

Peter Paddon demonstrates his Visceral Magick techniques.

What a view!