Rev. Angela

Lady Oxannamoon - When the Goddess dreamed the her into existence, the lights of inspiration, transformation, and clear and gentle communication were set into the constellation of her soul. She was born a second generation shamanic witch, and raised in the rich culture of Appalachian Folk Magic. Spirit taught from the cradle, and led by the hand of her mother, Lady Oxannamoon, also known as Rev. Angela, has dedicated her life to the study of spiritual, religious and esoteric philosophies, psychology, anthropology, hypnosis, music, yoga, dance, poetry, personal gnosis and the Magickal arts, seeking always, the impetus behind the wonder! Grateful for every teacher and oasis along the ever crooked path, Lady Oxannamoon is inspired to and exceptionally practiced in awakening each of us to our unique Magickal gifts! Rev. Angela has been teaching Magickal philosophy and practice throughout the United States for more than a decade. She is an ordained minister, a spiritual counselor and healer, a Certified Hypnotherapist, a published author, the founder and High Priestess of The Inner Temple, and is thrilled to be the newest faculty member of The International Metaphysical University!

Orion Foxwood

Orion Foxwood was born with the veil; (an Appalachian term for second sight), into the rural Shenandoah River Valley in 1963, where his world was rife with folklore, ghost stories, superstition and magical customs! His father was part Lakota Native and his mother was born in the slave quarters of a Virginia plantation called The Hollingsworth Place, where she was midwifed and spiritually fostered by a freed slave affectionately known as Miss Granny - it was this distinctive combination of elements that formed the foundations of Orion's unique spirituality and magical practices. Orion is a Conjurer in Southern Root Doctoring Practices, A Traditional Witch, An Alexandrian Wiccan High Priest, An Elder and Mantle Carrier for an Old Religionist Craft Line, and a Faery Seer. He is a founding elder of the Foxwood Temple of the Old Religion, co-founder of The House of Brigh, and co-organizer for the Folk Magic Festival in New Orleans. For more than twenty years, Orion has lectured extensively on magical practice and spiritual development throughout the United States and abroad. He is the author of The Faery Teachings and The Tree of Enchantment, and the subject of three DVD sets published through Pendraig Publishing entitled Intro to Faery Seership, Orion and the Goddess, and Intro to Southern Conjure. Orion also holds a masters degree in Human Services.

Rev. Patrick McCollum

Patrick McCollum is an internationally recognized spiritual leader in the Pagan/Earth-Based religions whose work toward human rights, social justice, and equality for all religions and spiritual traditions, transcends cultural, religious, and political barriers. Reverend McCollum is the 2010 recipient of the Mahatma Gandhi Award for the Advancement of Pluralism. His spiritual work focuses on seeing the sacred within each and every human being and bringing together people of all spiritual paths to work together toward global sustainability and world peace. He accomplishes this through his involvement with many different organizations including as International Interfaith Coordinator for Circle Sanctuary.



Tony Mierzwicki

Tony Mierzwicki is the author of "Graeco-Egyptian Magick: Everyday Empowerment" and a forthcoming primer, reconstructing Classical Greek religion, as well as a contributing writer to various anthologies and magazines. For more than twenty years, Tony has been dazzling the masses throughout the United States and Australia with magickal workshops and ancient rites loving recreated by drawing on the practices of ceremonial magick that he began in 1990. At the University of Sydney, Tony Earned an MA, a BE and a BSc. He is a regular presenter at Pantheacon as well as the Claremont College Conference on Current Pagan Studies and Tony is on the Board of Directors of Cherry Hill Seminary.


Dr. Joe Futerman

Dr. Joseph Futerman has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology with an emphasis is Jungian depth psychology, a master’s degree in clinical psychology with an emphasis in Family Therapy and a bachelor’s Degree in Media Criticism and is licensed by the State of California as Marriage and Family Therapist. He is also a certified neuro-linguistic programming practitioner and hypnotherapist. He is the associate chair of the Marriage and Family Therapy Department at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. He is also an adept of the Golden Dawn Tradition, a founding member of the Fellowship of the Gods, and the Kaotic Order of Adventurers, Seekers and Sorcerers, as well as the leader of the Magus Project. Joseph is currently working on a book titled Descartes’ Depression and the Rise of Rationalism. He lives with his daughter and wife on a hillside overlooking Pasadena, California.

Jeanne DeLaney

Jeanne “The Feather Lady” Delaney, also known as Lady-Lion, has been called to Mother Nature in all of her forms since she was a child. Although raised in a traditional Christian household, the idea of a male Higher Power never felt quite right to her, so she fully embraced the Goddess and the Wiccan path almost twelve years ago. Now, along with her beloved canine companion, Odin’s Pride, it is the most important thing in her life! Lady-Lion has been designing and creating feather art for over 30 years, and the only thing she loves more than feather art is sharing the gift with others! Dream-catchers remain her favorite creation, but she also delights in masks, hatbands, earrings and hair pieces. Although Jeanne considers herself to be a solitary practitioner, she is considered a community treasure by the rest of us!




High Priestess Regan

High Priestess Regan - Whether creating cutting edge theatre, scoring for main stream media, or releasing sumptuous solo albums, High Priestess Regan and High Priestess Productions is dedicated to creating media that elevates the viewer and the word! Her captivating music has been featured on National Geographic, The Discovery Channel and many other networks, she has been a contributing artist to The Labyrinth of Jareth, Faerie Worlds, and several Lucent Dossier productions, and she is a co-creator of the "Astra von Berlifizting" - a waltz ballet based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe, that thrilled West Coast audiences during its maiden run! High Priestess Regan is the founder of The Society for the Preservation of Faerie Arts. Through The Society she released a fascinating album of authentic Faerie music, upon which is captured an enchanted harp, recorded on location at the uncanny House of Bliss! This magickal recording features music to both sooth the soul and chill the spine - practically guaranteed to open portals to the Faerie Realms! Regan is also a teacher and a healer, employing yoga and harp to quiet the mind and ease the surrender to deep relaxation - allowing seekers to gain communion with the Self, the Nature Spirits and the Faeries.


Hauk is known for being as diverse and fluid as the cold North Wind! This pagan metal band has time and again defied being genre pigeon-holed as either an acoustic or an electric act. At Into the Green, Hauk will be showcasing their acoustic side, but make no mistake - it is the primal pulse of Odinic fury that fuels Hauk's music!





Tribe - From the dark, from the deep, from the ancient, sacred keeps, comes the primal pulse of drum and dance, and voices raised in jubilation: Tribe is here! The lovechild of Lady Oxannamoon and The Inner Temple, Tribe is Southern California's first all Pagan Bellydance and Drum Troupe! Tribe is calling you home - and we invite you to join us, as we let our inner gods and goddesses out to sing, dance, play, and embrace all the joys that this life affords us in an ecstatic celebration of life, love and community! Awaken your divinity and revel with Tribe! ~