~Can I go Into the Green?~

Who can attend Into the Green?
~ All seekers over the age of eighteen are warmly invited Into the Green!  Be prepared to show government issued ID at the gate.

Can I bring my pets?
~ If you have a companion animal that usually travels with you, please contact us before purchasing tickets.

Can I bring my children?
~ No, Into the Green is an over eighteen only event!  Please bring your children to our harvestide family celebration: Into the Gold in August!

How do I register for Into the Green?
~ Via the Paypal links on our website.
                              ~ or ~
Snail Mail:  The Inner Temple
                   33051 Mulholland Hwy
                  Malibu, CA 90265
*Please indicate what kind of pass(es) you are buying on your check/money order.

Can I come just for the weekend? Just for a day?
~ Full festival passes, as well as day pass options are available - please see the registration page for pricing details.

When do I have to buy my passport by? Can I buy a passport at the gate?
~ Registration will close at 11:59pm on Thursday, May 2nd.  There are no tickets available at the gate.

Are there any discounts, scholarships, or work exchanges available?
~ Contact Lady Oxannamoon for work exchange information: 818-288-6584 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

What is the cancellation/refund policy?
~ Full refunds are available through the end of March, 2013; 50% refunds available until April 15, 2013.  No refunds will be given after April 15, 2013.  If the festival is cancelled all monies will be refunded.

~How do I get Into the Green?~

Where is the festival located?
~ Into the Green is held at a private estate, just outside of beautiful Chatsworth, California!

After I buy my passport when will I receive my welcome email and directions to the site?
~ You will receive your welcome email and purchase confirmation within 48 hours of registration.  Exact location and directions to the site will be emailed to registrants one week before the festival.

What will the weather be like?
~ Temperatures should be around 80 during the day and in the low 50's at night - gorgeous! 

What are my transportation options?
~ We recommend carpooling and can help connect you with one!

Is there free parking?
~ Parking is free and abundant at our lot just across the road. We’ll let folks pull up as close as possible while unloading, but there will be no cars within the gates, so be prepared to carry your gear from the parking area to your room!

~What is it like In the Green?~

Are there inside accommodations?
~ Yes, we are thrilled to be offering lodging in the Villa and in the adjoining Ranch House this year!  Staying inside the villa costs a litttle more, but keeps you closer to the baths and sauna!  The parking lot is convenient, but keep in mind that you will not be able to pull inside the gates to unload this year!

Are there RV hookups?
~ No. There are no RVs allowed inside the gates of Into the Green.

What kind of  amenities are there?
~ Indoor swimming pool, redwood sauna, hot tub and waterfall, extensive decks with redwood soaking tub, multiple fire places, and a temperature controlled glass gazebo that seats 60 for our classroom!  Gourmet kitchens, bathtubs, and steam showers are available! 

Are bedrooms assigned -- how can I be sure I will get to share a room with my friends?
~ We will do our best to honor all roommate requests; please let us know your preferences.

Can I stay in a hotel and commute to the event?
~ Yes, you can stay in a hotel in nearby Chatsworth, but we prefer that you do not break the energy of our familial circle by doing so unless absolutely neccessary.  Hotel accommodations are not included in your passport to Into the Green.

~How should I nourish myself In the Green?~

What should I bring to eat and drink?
~ There are potluck suppers on Friday and Saturday evenings! Please bring something delicious to share at the potluck meals! 
~ Remember to drink lots of water and eat at least two meals a day! We recommend a gallon of water per person, per day. 
~ Refrigerators are available for your perishable items.

What should I bring for the potluck?
~ Bring your favorite dish to the potlucks...just bring enough to share!  

Is fire allowed outside of the main fire pit? Can we cook over an open fire?
~ Fires will be allowed in the multiple fireplaces only. Cooking at the ceremonial fire pit (except for marshmallows) is not recommended. 

~Is it safe In the Green?~

Will there be security guards? How do I find them?
~ Yes, there will be security, identifiable by an arm band.  Into the Green is an intimate gathering of tribesmen.  All personnel will be introduced and reintroduced throughout the festival.

Will there be a nurse or first aid person? How do I find them?
~ Yes, there will be trained medical staff in attendance. They will be identified at the opening ceremony and often throughout the weekend.

What does poison oak look like?
~ Click here to read up on poison oak. The amount of poison oak in this area varies year to year, but there is almost always some. If you’re unsure how to identify it please ask for help!

Can I drink the creek water?
~ No.  The water on site is not potable!  If you walk the surrounding hills and find a creek - do not drink from it!

What if I get lost in the green?
~ If you decide to go hiking be sure to tell several friends which direction you are headed and how long you plan to be gone. Our camping packing list includes an emergency whistle -- this is the time to wear it!  

~Can I contribute to the Green?~

Can I submit a ritual, workshop, or event to be included in the schedule?
~ Programming is closed for Into the Green 2013, but we would love to hear your submissions for next year!

Can I peddle my services or wares at this event? Is there a vendor fee?
~ There is no fee for vending at Into the Green; just donate an item valued at $50 or more to our raffle!

If I’m vending do I have to pay for a passport as well?
~ Yes...but there is no fee to vend!

~What do I need to know about attending a Beltane Festival?~

What if this is my first pagan festival?
~The Gods have smiled on you, my are in for a scintillating adventure! Beltane is the Spring Feast - it is a fertility festival.  It is the time to celebrate not only the season of procreation, when all the world is swept away in delicious twitterpation; but also the fertile mind, the fertile life, and the sticky-sweet juice that runs out of it!  Come and revel in the marrow of life!  Loose yourself in the heady drunkenness of spiritual ecstasy within the safety of The Inner Temple; where the same beautiful players come together year after year to celebrate the Sabbats, recognizing one another as clan and kin and joining together once and again in the Dance of Olde...and always, we are gathering our tribe to us!  Welcome to the Inner Temple!  
Come with us Into the Green and Revel in the Rites of Spring ~

Are there any taboos or prohibitions?
~ Do no harm.  
~ Respect personal boundaries.  
~ Do not touch anyone without permission - nudity is an affirmation, not an invitation!  
~ Do not provide alcohol to persons under age 21.
~ Pack it in - pack it out!  Do not litter - this includes cigarette butts!  

Will there be nudity?
~ Into the Green is an adults only, clothing optional festival, so...if there’s not, we’re not doing our job right!  

Can I take pictures? Can I shoot video?
~ Photography and video for personal enjoyment are allowed, however you may only photograph or video nude or partially nude persons with their express permission.  When in doubt, ask for permission.  Photography and video for publication is not allowed without written consent from the subjects and The Inner Temple.

Email the Temple if you have further questions and we’ll see you IN THE GREEN!