Schedule of Events


Friday - May 3rd

2:00pm - Temple Keepers, Vendors, and Event Helpers Arrive

4:00pm - Gates open to the public

7:00pm -
Rev. Patrick McCollum, Orion Foxwood, Dr. Joseph Futerman, and Tony Mierzwicki on Beltane Traditions and the Magick of Guising

9:00pm - Potluck Supper with the music of Hauk

9:45pm - Opening Ceremony: The Lighting of the Ancestral Fire with Orion Foxwood and  Lady Oxannamoon

10:15pm - Body Wisdom with Lady Oxannamoon and Devon Kouadio

11:30pm - Bardic Circle by the pools


Saturday - May 4th

10:00am - Morning Meditation with Jason Mahoney

10:30am - Workshop:  Crafting the Magickal Mask with Medicine Woman, Jeanne DeLaney

12:15pm -The Rites of Spring, Olde Horny and The Great Hunt with Orion Foxwood, Rev. McCollum, Dr. Futerman and Tony Mierzwicki

2:30pm - Lunch Break 

3:30pm  - Nice-n-Naughty Beltane Games and Shower Auction brought to you by Devon Gaines and Chai Benson

5:00pm - Workshop: The Essence of Magick and Magickal Transformation with Dr. Joe and Lady Angela~ 

7:30pm - Potluck Supper with the music of Christopher Caplan

8:30pm - Devon and Cyriaque Kouadio on Sacred Sexuality and the Art of the Dance

9:30pm -  The Inner Temple presents: The Great Hunt  

11:00pm - Music, Dance and Fire: The Inner Temple Tribe with special guest, Hps. Regan and her enchanted harp


Sunday - May 5th

10:00am - Sound Healing in the pool with Devon and Angela~

12:30pm - Panel 3:  The Maypole: Healing the Earth and Summoning forth the Fertility of Life with OrionFoxwood, Patrick McCollum, Dr. Joe and Tony Mierzwicki

2:30pm - Dancing in the May - a traditional Maypole Rite with Orion Foxwood and The Inner Temple, Closing Words

4:00pm - Public Departure 

*Schedule is subject to change.