Spiritual Counseling

This fast paced, high stress existence that we have crated for ourselves is difficult to navigate - even in the best of circumstances.  And as the world becomes ever smaller and time seems to collapse in on itself,  it is not unusual  that more and more often, we find ourselves lost, confused, and seemingly alone.  Although we are conditioned to search outside of ourselves for the catalyst of change that we seek, often all that is needed is a compassionate ear in which to whisper the nature of our conundrum and all of the keys for which we have fumbled so clumsily in the dark, are suddenly revealed to us!  

Lady Oxannamoon is a highly gifted spiritual teacher and counselor.  She has been using her gifts to love and to lead for more than a decade.

Recover your life path and rediscover your heart's desire at The Inner Temple! ~

50 minute session      $90/$120 Outcall