The Nature of Magick

Lady Oxannamoon is thrilled to be presenting for the first time at the Florida Pagan Gathering!


Chants, Charms, and Spellcrafting: The Power of the Witches’ Word

What is in a word?  Everything. The power of the written and spoken word is undeniable, and within the context of Magick, it is even more profound.  The power to persuade, to seduce, to disarm or incite, to embrace or dismiss - the influence of language in our daily lives is immeasurable, and so it is within our magickal lives, times ten!   Word magick runs heavily in our witches’ blood, and learning to harness this ancestral gift elevates our ceremonies and brings tremendous potency to our magickal workings.  A gifted Charmer can command the winds, pull the tides, call the spirits, and enrapture the crowd.  She can plant a seed in someone’s mind without even disturbing the soil or transport the charmed to another another state of being - all of this and so much more is just at the tip of our tongues!  We all have at our command a tool that once mastered, can be as blunt and broad as a mallet or as sharp and precise as a rapier.  Understanding that both extremes and the spectrum between are all ours to direct, let us learn to gracefully wield this mighty tool bag!

Spiritualist Skills for Wee Witches

I come from a world of psychics, mediums, and faith healers, and the best ones I have ever known have been under ten years old.  The truth is that all of our gifts are completely accessible when we are children, and it is only through the relentless, all-permeating conditioning of the default world that they become estranged to us.  Our ability to see and hear things outside the visual and audible spectrums and to sense things in our bodies is collectively called extrasensory perception - meaning literally, sense beyond the senses, and yet it is dismissed; we are taught to ignore it.  Our other senses are in place to give us information, to serve and protect us; esp is no different.   If someone told you not to believe what you see with your own eyes, would you listen?  Of course not!  Those of us who are called by the blood, remember what we knew as children...and we spend the rest of our lives working to recover what was taken from us.  But children whose psychic gifts are encouraged from an early age maintain much greater control of their “extra senses” and have higher emotional and social intelligences than adults who were not.   Let’s keep those extra senses sharp and watch the world flower!


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