Dance of the Goddess

From deep in the heart of the enchanted woods, The Inner Temple sends a sacred call to all kindred spirits: the Goddess has returned and her children rejoice!  Can you feel the quickening in the air, in the water, in your very soul?  The Earth heaves a restless sigh, and we are poised in anxious anticipation: wanting, needing, waiting to receive her...and sup upon the elixir of life!  

Born of a lifetime of song and dance, Dance of the Goddess is a delight for the body and an enchantment for the soul!  Tribe is calling you home, and we invite you to join us as we shake off the dust of our mundane lives and let our inner gods and goddesses out to sing, dance, play, and embrace all the joys that this life affords us! 

Marshall to the dance of olde; join us! ~

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